🌟Join Us for NASHIK CONNECT at STAENZ Academy!

We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to you for the celebration 🎉 of our academy’s 6th anniversary! It’s a joyous occasion that marks six years of growth, learning, and success. – Nashik Connect at STAENZX at STAENZ Academy! 🚀

The Nashik Influencers and Education Leaders Meet-Up is a unique opportunity for collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas. This event will provide a platform for influencers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Marketing Agency owners to connect, share insights, and explore potential partnerships that can contribute to the growth of Nashik’s diverse sectors.

Why Attend?

🔍 Discover: Explore the latest trends and innovations shaping the industry landscape.

🤝 Connect: Network with industry experts, professionals, and fellow enthusiasts.

🎓 Learn: Gain valuable insights from thought leaders and visionaries in the field.

🌐 Expand: Broaden your horizons through interactive sessions and workshops.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of Nashik Connect at STAENZ Academy. Grab the chance to connect, learn, and grow!

  • Time : 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm (UTC+5.5)
  • Venue : Staenz, colloge road, Nashik
No Tickets Available!!

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